How do we make our soap? 

Step 1: Milk the goats!

Our goats are grazed on the clean pastures of the Bega Valley on the far south coast of NSW, ensuring the milk they produce is as natural as possible and rich in the properties that make goat’s milk soap so good for our skin.

Step 2: Create the soap mix

We combine the goat’s milk with other ingredients including essential oils to fragrance the soap and add their individual beneficial properties to the product.

Step 3: Pouring soap mix into the moulds

m_Pouring into the moulds.jpg

Step 4: Unmould soaps & stack for stage one of the drying process

m_The first stage of the drying process.

Step 5: Final stage of the drying process.

The soap is dried for at least 6 weeks before it is ready to sell.

m_The last stage of the drying process.j

Finished Soap!


100% Australian owned
Made with ¼ FRESH goat’s milk
We use pure essential oils for fragrance
Our soap is great for all types of skin
We hand make all the goats milk soap ourselves
We also sell soap nuts
We used food grade oils
Not just soap!
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