Handmade Bally Park Goats Milk Soap

Welcome to Bally Park Goats Milk Soap. As most small businesses do, we started out making the goats milk soap for ourselves, family and friends. Word had quickly spread and we grew.

We enjoy the process of milking the goats and making the soap and most of all we love the satisfaction of being able to help bring some relief to people with skin conditions.

We, like most others ultimately just want to go back to basics with natural products not full of chemicals and nasties.

Our family have enjoyed the great benefits of using goats milk soap for quite some time now. We at Bally Park welcome you to try our handmade products.

Welcome to Bally Park
One of the Bally Park goat's that produce our goats milk

Why Choose Bally Park?


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100% Australian owned

Made with ¼ FRESH goat’s milk

We use pure essential oils for fragrance

Our soap is great for all types of skin

We hand make all the goats milk soap ourselves

We also sell soap nuts

We used food grade oils

Not just soap!

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Hand Made from natural ingredients


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